SYSTEM SYN - Once Upon a Second Act CD


"Once Upon a Second Act" is SYSTEM SYN's finest and most complex record to date. The album takes the listener on an emotionally engaging journey, showcasing Clint Carney’s vocal and lyrical talents like never before. The songs of “Once Upon a Second Act” range from haunting and heartbreaking, to heavy-hitting club tracks, yet all retain the sound that is so uniquely SYSTEM SYN. This also marks the project’s first completely independent release. Mixed and mastered by Ted Phelps (Imperative Reaction).

01. The Wreckage
02. Promise
03. Once Upon a Second Act
04. King of Empty
05. We Had Time
06. Weightless
07. Knives
08. Collapsing
09. We Knew You When
10. Nothing's Wrong
11. The End