Late Night Horror Show - "Midnight Madness" Digital Download [PRE-ORDER]


"Midnight Madness": A Quick-Fire Electronic Horror Album by Late Night Horror Show!

Late Night Horror Show unveils their debut musical oddity, "Midnight Madness." A compilation of 16 tracks, each no longer than a minute, and totaling a mere 11 minutes. This audacious project features collaborations with talents like God Module, Flesh Field, SYSTEM SYN, Cindergarden, and Elias Black.

Described as a whirlwind of horror-themed melodies, "Midnight Madness" offers a tongue-in-cheek tribute to all things eerie. Perfect for the spooky season, the album is an exhilarating mix of fun and fear, proving that impactful stories can be told in the briefest of moments.

Available October 20th, 2023 on Spotify and all other major music outlets.

01. I Came to Kill (feat. SYSTEM SYN)
02. Phuktify
03. Parasite
04. Let it Die (feat. Elias Black)
05. Falling Down (feat. SYSTEM SYN)
06. Witch Hunt (feat. Cindergarden)
07. Once I Was Right (feat. SYSTEM SYN)
08. Three Sixes
09. This Rage (feat. Flesh Field)
10. Only Losers (feat. SYSTEM SYN)
11. Don't Stop the Fear (feat. God Module)
12. Soul Eater (feat. SYSTEM SYN)
13. Angels (feat. Cindergarden)
14. Lights Out (feat. Elias Black)
15. We Watched It Burn (feat. SYSTEM SYN)
16. Halloween